Dog-Show in heaven ;-)

One day in Heaven, Peter, John and Paul

were sitting around watching the dogs playing around the kennels.

“I’m fed – up” said John.
“So am I “ said Paul.
“I know” said Peter, let’s have a dog show”.

John and Paul thought that a thoroughly good idea,

“but who would we compete against?”.

Peter then suggested

“I know, let’s give Satan a call and invite him to enter his dogs,

after all we’re bound to win, we’ve got all the good dogs up here,

the BIS’s, Group Winners, BOB’s, Field Trial Champions, Obedience Champions, etc etc.

The dogs down there with him are mean and difficult dogs,

so we can’t lose!”

The call was put through to below and the invitation was made for Satan to enter the show.

Satan laughed

“Why do you want to go through with all that humiliation, when we would certainly beat you”.

Peter, John and Paul couldn’t understand this,

“What do you mean, Satan?” they asked,

“we have all the top winners in the world in every field in our kennels,

so how can you beat us?!”

Satan laughed “Have you forgotten so soon?

I have all the judges!